One of the services offered by our Company is loading liquid materials into Flexitanks.

The Flexitank loading is offered in Poland with Door to Door service. We use Büscherhoff flexitanks with capacity of 24,000 – 26,000 liters, which are easy to unload with a 3-inch bottom valve.

The price includes:

  • flexitank,
  • sea freight,
  • checking an empty containers at terminal in regards to fulfilling all requirements set by a flexitanks manufacturer,
  • inserting the flexitank into the container,
  • loading and control at the plant,
  • local transport on the rout: harbour-loading plant-harbour,
  • harbour operations of an empty and loaded container at the terminal.


  • all harbour fees in Poland are included in the freight price,
  • all fees of the destination harbour are to be paid by a collecting party.

We try to negotiate with the ship-owner up to 21 days free demurrage at the port of destination.

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