The AMG Liquids Company is involved in transporting chemical products with the use of tank trailers and Flexitanks. We ensure reliability and professionalism in the services we provide through continuous improvement in quality, flexibility, fast execution of orders, and cost optimization. We always strive to be one of the best companies in our field, making us known as a specialized carrier. The quality policy, as one of the most important elements of the overall policy of AMG Liquids is realised based on:

  • obtaining absolute agreement in the quality of provided services and the requirements of our Clients,
  • implementing standards which ensure that the functioning of the company is at the necessary level of accordance with laws, norms, and the requirements of our Clients,
  • hiring of appropriately qualified personnel with essential knowledge of the industry TSL
  • continuous expansion of assets, especially the ongoing modernization of our fleet of vehicles, in order to obtain agreement in the quality of provided services with the expectations of our Clients,
  • supporting and continuously improving the implemented Quality Management System,
  • using only tried and tested carriers which provide services at the highest level
  • strengthening position of AMG Liquids in the market of road transportation and shipping of chemical products.

The responsibility for achieving quality standards is on all AMG Liquids employees. Quality policy is being realized by means of implementation of Quality Management System, which meets the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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