Our tank trucks are designed to carry neutral and non-hazardous products. Our tank trailers come from reputable manufacturers: VAN HOOL, LAG and have the following specifications:

  • single compartment tanks: 32,000 – 34,000 L
  • three compartment tanks:
    • 7.500 L / 18.000 L / 7.500 L,
    • 7.500 L / 19.000 L / 7.500 L,
    • 7.500 L / 22.000 L/ 7.500 L,
    • 10.000 L / 7.500 L / 15.000 L,
  • four compartment tanks:
    • 7.500 L / 6.000 L / 12.000 L / 7.500 L,
    • 10.000 L / 7.500 L / 7.500 L / 7.500 L.

The tanks have anti-surge baffles, possibility of unloading on the side, at the back and from each compartment separately, which makes possible to load four different products for one client. The tanks are made of stainless steel, they are insulated and completely encased outside with sheets of stainless steel. The compartments are adapted for pressure unloading. Moreover, each set has a compressor for unloading and a product warming system. A maximum temperature of transported materials is 120°C. Each compartment has a build-in thermometer, which allows to monitor temperature of loaded materials. The upper part of the tank has an anti-slip platform with a foldable railing which guarantees safety of people taking part in loading and unloading.

The tanks have homologation certificates and all necessary permissions including ADR required in Poland and the EU.

The Company owns modern trucks like SCANIA, MERCEDES, RENAULT, DAF with EURO 5 and EURO 6 adapted to transport hazardous goods.

Thanks to maintenance and servicing performed only in Authorized Service Stations such as SCANIA, MERCEDES, RENAULT, DAF, VAN HOOL or LAG, the equipment used for realization of transport orders has the highest technical quality.


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